Mikio Urasaki


  The Sceneries are so appealing and they have power to attract people, but they never allow us to come any closer from a certain point. In other words they even seem to avoid us. It is an interesting sight that one thing is attracting and also rejecting people at the same time.


  Mikio Urasaki often meets such amazing and mysterious sceneries. Wanting to ‘ re-capture these amazing experiences in himself… and let these experiences become visible again so that others can also experience the same thing…’ becomes the motive for his art works. At first he does everything possible to know how his feelings which went through his body shape the world, and somehow he shakes this world in many ways.


 Let us go back to 1985 when he was still a student. At that time he was practicing oil painting but then he found his interests in Collage as a tool to know how the size, shapes and the touch of different materials influence the picture. Different things and objects clash with each other and create senses of discomfort but still some parts fit in and make connections together, and then build new images. This effect seemed very interesting to him. 


© 2018 by Mikio Uraasaki.

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